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9.5 Inch Mighty Pounder Dildo

I purchased this as a novelty item to shock my girlfriends with, intending to whip it out when we were all gathered round my house drinking wine and moaning about men.
I never really expected to use this due to the size, however one night, while bored, I gave in and decided to give it a go.

This bad boy is 10” long with 9.5” being insertable and a whopping 5” in girth and can be bought from essex sex shops.

It is latex free so gives for a much more comfortable feel and the sculpted veins running the length of the shaft gives this dildo a much more realistic look than other dildos of this type and has a very firm shaft and a pair of balls attached.

The dildo comes in see through packaging and unfortunately does not come with a pouch or box to keep this bad boy in which was a slight disappointment for me as I like to keep my toys in pouches to keep them protected. However, do not let this put you off buying this amazing item. The winning feature for me is the suction cup on the base of the shaft that allows the user to attach the dildo firmly to any surface. At first, I was a bit dubious about using the suction cup as I was worried it would not hold on my bath tub however I gave in and tested this out. I was not disappointed the suction cup held tight and let me ride this bad boy good and hard even when my speed increased it remained securely to the bath.

Seeing as its made from plastic this toy does need a fair bit of lubricant before use and can be cold however running this under a warm tap helped me warm mine up pretty quick but if you want to use it without warming the plastic does warm up pretty quick.

This toy really does fill you up so if you’re only used to little toys I would suggest taking your time with this one as I got quite a shock when I first mounted it and I do like big toys.

If you where to use this toy without taking advantage of the suction cup I would suggest you keep switching hands as I found this item to be quite heavy and after a lot of thrusting it in and out I found my arm tended to ache hence why I tested out the suction cup.

Personally I used the balls to stimulate my clit as I normally prefer vibrators that have clit stimulators attached but these balls worked just as well (But only when attached to a surface with the suction cup)

As its made from plastic this is one toy that is easy to clean however unlike the silicone ones it can feel strange to use.

Overall this sex toy is a fantastic investment if you’re looking for a big toy and I highly recommend this.